Wisdom Keeper Quotes

blueStone2 Earth (Err-th)

“Our world is one of alchemy based on energetic formulas. Creations stay in existence due to the maintenance of the energetic exchanges. New creations form through the introduction of a new component into the formula. A physical manifestation currently results on Earth using the base formula – form plus form plus energy.  Your life is a representation of the formulas you have put together and maintained. Be the Alchemist of your own life, maintain the formulas you desire and give and take in harmony with all creations you involve in your life. Create new formulas to create anew.  Explore, experiment and enjoy!”

Debbie – Earth – The 8th Wisdom Keeper

YellowStone2 Keena (Keen-na)

“Take a bath in light every day, shower yourself in love.  Allow your eyes to accept the light of another as all colors make up the stream that feeds us all.  Your light, no matter how brightly it glows, is needed. Keep it on and flowing— you never know when you will be another’s beacon in their darkness.  Light is not meant to be shined into another’s eyes for them to see, as this causes blindness, simply glow and allow others to admire your eminence.”

Lord Metatron – Keena Wisdom Keeper


RedStone2  Duncan (Dunk-an)

“Sands of time have no place in your current reality. Be conscious of what is present and know that even then a perception change can alter that reality.  Be real to the level you can be at and contemplate the other possibilities.  Consciousness is created through focused attention.”

4 Duncan Beings – Duncan Wisdom Keepers


PinkStone_Bnai B’Nai  (Ba-Nai)

“Be blank in your mind when you desire to hear a new song, a song that will sing the truth. Clouds inhibit the wind by creating a container. Find your inner voice and sing the song that heals your inner being and re-shapes your outer expression.  Gathering with others and hearing their sounds allows you to enjoy a musical masterpiece.”

Leema – B’Nai Wisdom Keeper

greenStone2 Tandalyn (Tan-da-lyn)

“Seek with eyes of wisdom.  Do not seek thinking you will not find the truth, seek knowing you will.  Fear of the unknown is stupidity for all is known it just needs to be found.  Treasure hunt your inner secrets and display them for the world to see.  Secrets are meant to be shared; expose yourself.”

Farin – Tandalyn Wisdom Keeper

AmberStone2Merth (Mer-th)

Rhymes with Earth

“Animals are meant to be cherished and recognized as a human equal. Allowing animals to exist ensures evolution of the races. Love Animals unconditionally as they are Earth’s helpers.  Balance and harmony are key components to the human existence in the 8th dimension. If a bird sings for you, give back a song. Take from an animal just what you need for comfort, do not over consume.”

Henry the Crocodile – Merth Wisdom Keeper

tanStone2Izshelong (Is-sha-long)

“Eat black rocks, just kidding!  Renew your body by giving it what it needs daily. Everything you need is within your grasp. I wish humans would reach out to us more, to use their own natural gifts of communication but also to recognize through use those that communicate.  If you cannot use the spiritual telephone to gather your information, find someone who can and will teach you how. Humans complain too much, seek change to that which you complain about, be a part of the solution. To complain and do nothing is wasted air.”

Kathleen – Izshelong Wisdom Keeper

LightStone2 Eqay (Ee-Kway)

“Live a life that you take ownership for. Each time you enter physical form, a new experience begins, there will be many supporters around you, physical and energetic bodies, but the experience is yours to have. Live your life for you and not others. Release all who you attempt to control; guide your children do not direct them. Teach by facilitating thought, not thinking for them. Be with those that kindle your spirit. Stand on your own but do not be afraid to join hands with others. Honor your gifts, they come to be opened.

Arc Angel Michael – Eqay – Wisdom Keeper

grayStone2Creation and P’Wata (Cree-a-tion) and (Pee-wa-ta)

“Transformation happens best when you are surrounded by supporting energies. Manifesting starts with a dream and moves to realness with action and stays put with use. Dream, act and bring purpose to that which you manifest.”

Keeyla – Creation Wisdom Keeper once residing in P’Wata