Session Info

How a Session Works:


  1. We will  have an interview together,  either through the phone, email, or in person to establish an understanding of what you desire. 
  2. Once there is this understanding then I go and visit the spiritual realms to see what is needed to bring about the result.  This is where my sessions are customized to you.  Depending on what is communicated from the spiritual realms will depict what I do as a Shaman for you.  It can go four different ways.


The 1st way is doing the work in the energy worlds.  In this scenario your energy body is called in.  Once your energy body arrives I go to work to perform whatever needs done on the energy body.  Lets say a piece of your energy body is missing, it is showing up in your inability to make decisions.  I would gather that missing piece and bring it back to your energy body, this would make your energy body whole.  When your energy body is returned to your physical body, the changes are brought about into your physical self through a reprogramming of your DNA.  Once the reprogramming is established then you should have resolved your issue with not being able to make decisions.


The 2nd way is gathering information about the situation.  Sometimes the guide has a teaching to offer about what is going on.  These type of sessions happen in the spiritual realms but do not always involve your energy body.  Continue to use the example of not being able to make a decision about a specific area of your life.   Here is an example of this type of session.  I was asked about how this person should proceed in a business relationship that went sour.   The guide heard the intention and responded with a teaching about self doubt and procrastination.  There was also a teaching given that showed the energy coming off the other person in this scenario.   In this case the guide felt it was best serving you to hear a teaching about how to shift your mind and thinking patterns in these areas.  This would involve a coaching session based on that teaching to assist you in making those choice changes and helping you recognize the patterns that have been running.  This type of healing is related to the mind function as opposed to the energy body or physical body.  I would file healings such as medicine names, power animals, ancestor speaking and such, under this type of healing for it is the information that brings about the new awareness for you to grasp and heal from.  By having an understanding of the energies in play you can then make decisions about how to move forward.


The 3rd way is working on the physical body directly.  Sometimes it is not work on the energy body that needs to be performed but rather a session where I physically work on the body.  In this case scenario it is a bit different in how it works.  I would show up at your place of residence and would prepare for a physical healing session.  I use a massage table for your comfort and mine.  In this type of work I am going to align to the physical components on your body and make adjustments using the resources at my disposal.   Lets take the same example of not being able to make decisions.  In a physical one on one session, I may have to connect with various parts of your mind and energetically move them or re-energize them.  Recently I worked on someone with this specific issue and she had some damage done to her brain from a fall she took when she was 5.  I got the information from the spiritual realms about her fall and confirmation from her during our interview.  Based on that I was guided intuitively to her head and worked on different places of her brain that were vibrating very slowly.  I had the resource of being able to use energy healing on the different parts of her brain and body that had been effected.  It appeared as if I was trained in cranio sacral but in reality I was just following directions as to where to place my hands and run energy.  I was also able to see into her body to see the spots that were not moving energy and bring energy to them.  Housed within me are different forms of knowing of how to perform different healing modalities.  I also recognize that sometimes it is outside of my abilities and I can make suggestions to what type of healer you would need to access.  Not always is the healing needed energy work, sometimes it is body work like deep tissue massage or sometimes it involves dietary changes, it all depends on what the guide communicates.  The difference is, the physical body has actual damage and so healing the energy body would not bring about the physical healing that is needed.


The 4th way is a combination of all of the above.  You session may have to involve more than one session because you may need different components to line up.  Lets say you are having physical pain in your right hip.  In visiting the spiritual realms we see that you are missing a chunk of your energy body by your right hip and it was related to an emotional trauma that took place in childhood.  The energy body or soul piece gets returned to the complete the full energy body and gets sent back to the physical body.  To allow for a complete healing the guide recommends that you follow up with some physical work to support the energy piece that was returned.  From my own life I had a piece of my energy body come back to me, it was 16 years old and told me it was going to bring some information with it that I would have to listen to.  It was condition of returning.  I agreed, and two days later after this energy body completed me, I was given a memory of being orally raped.  It was in my awareness that something bad had happened to me but I had no memory of it prior to my soul piece returning.  This is a type of combo healing, to support that new information I took up some counselling to help me heal from that trauma.  I also took up some physically healing to appreciate my body.  So sometimes the work done by the Shaman leads you into more healing work, but you can be assured that the work you do will have a concise impact on what you want to change.


3.  The final part of the session is to debrief you on your journey results.  To assist you in creating a plan in moving forward toward that which you desire.  Of course at the conclusion of one intention you may find you want to open doors to other intentions!  My blogs are based and real life healings, so if you would like to read on others experiences please click over to that page.  Link to: Blog Page