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As a Wisdom Keeper I can access every spiritual realm in our universe.  What does this mean?  It means I can find your answers by accessing all the guides and energy bodies that exist.  This happens in many different ways and each  session is unique and custom designed to you and your wants.  I can not predict what aspect of myself will be used in regards to your situation.  My skills encompass a large landscape.  To give some specific examples here are a few areas you may recognize,  soul retrievals, medium ship, specific body healing,  ancestor speaking, clarity of situations and solutions, medicine name retrieval and power animal retrieval.


Let me explain it this way, I go to a place energetically, we’ll call it my spirit office. My spirit office has a PA system that is connected to every other spiritual being in our universe, so when I say my intention of why I am there, everyone hears it.   The beings or being that is best suited to answer my intention shows up in my office to work with me in assisting you.  This is as real to me as being present in a real office in this world.  From this place I call your energy body in as a visitor. You arrive in your energy body but you may not have the awareness of this transpiring as you would if you were physically walking into someone’s office.   The consultant, or at this point I will say guide, will then advise me on what action is needed to serve you and your intention.  Sometimes the guides work directly with me, sometimes they bring information and sometimes they do nothing but hold space.  I also have a team of support guides that work with me when doing the work for you.  So there are lots of beings that engage in the experience of assisting you and each session will have an impact on your life.


Hiring a Shaman is similar to hiring a consultant in areas of your life you need assistance with.  Shamans do not look at the situation from their own mind they go outside of themselves energetically to access a bigger source of information. Shamans are not the only ones that can do this, but I have found that Shamans have a natural ability to do this with ease.  You can learn how to access this information for yourself but in the meantime you might need some help.  If you want to overview your own skills in this area see my free MP3 file on this website and give it a go.  Link to: Be Your own Shaman MP3s


I am as big of a skeptic as anyone.  For me it is like daydreaming and I have spent years questioning the reality of how this works.  What I can tell you, is that I continue doing this work because I have seen the impacts.  My mind can not really comprehend how it works but the belief in the results keeps me from spending to much time analyzing it.   It is understandable for you to question how work done on a spiritual plane can effect you in your physical world.  I will attempt to explain how this works but you may have to do lots more research to convince yourself.  Or be daring and just give it go.


Giving It a Go!  More Info on Sessions with Debbie. Link to: Session Information