Meet Debbie Gibbs


On her acreage close to the Rocky Mountains and sparkling in between arranging playdates and co-ordinating work schedules is the Wisdom that extends far beyond that belonging to motherhood, marriage, friendship and family. Here is a woman who is all of those roles and yet still plays the roles of matriarch and Shaman — gatherer of soul pieces, teller of realities not always seen, and a conduit to finding answers sought. Meet Debbie Gibbs, Alberta’s hidden glimmer of light.

Sian Pilkington, Writer & Doula


Debbie offers a rare mix of opportunities for those wishing to engage with her. She has the ability to help clients and audience members raise their vibrational levels to gain insights into areas where they had previously been stuck. Her mission is to educate people on the power that is available to each one of us — how to find it, how to use it and how to make it part of our every day living experience.

Helping you find your answers to questions related to your personal and professional life.  As a gifted intuitive, healer and coach she toots accuracy in finding solutions.  Finding your own answers is the most powerful tool available and   Debbie is never without ideas of what can be done to initiate that spark for your learning.  She channels messages from the spiritual realms and brings them to her clients to resolve issues. Each session is individualized to the person or group that it is addressing.

As the 8th Wisdom Keeper of Earth, Debbie is accountable to the Spiritual Counsel of Wisdom Keepers and works with them as the representative from Earth. As a Wisdom Keeper, it is her commitment to keep the people of Earth informed of any changes in our universal makeup. This book is part of that commitment and holds a vast amount of information that shares how the universe works and what is available within it.



As a mother of 3 she has an understanding of children and often works in helping parents to understand the gifts their children may hold.  She also works directly with children and teenagers in developing or understanding their own inner worlds.



The best part of Debbie is her ability to listen without judgement and compassionately work from a space of true humility.  No one is above her or below her and this practice creates a feeling of safety when in her presence.  She willingly accepts everyone from where they present themselves.  Her beliefs include that every person is a creation of our universe  and each of us offer an experience that benefits everyone.