Cost Info

Distant Shamanic Journey Session                     $  95.00 plus GST

Includes the interview, the spiritual connection work and the debrief


One on One in Person Healing Session               $165.00 plus GST

Includes the interview,  the spiritual connection work that resulted in a body healing and the debrief.  I am limited to performing these type of sessions for this price to the Calgary and surrounding area.  Outside of this area I am willing to travel as long as my travel expenses are paid for.



Sometimes cash flow is a real issue but you have a calling to get work done.  Don’t be afraid to ask me to trade as I live on an acreage, run my own business and take care of my body.  Often I have work that needs to be done that I am willing to trade for it.  To trade it has to feel like a win win situation that is all I ask in the presentation of the trade.  We negotiate until we both feel in harmony with that choice.


Groups                                                                    Negotiable

If you have a group of people that would like to engage with me I have many options in this regard.  I have experience teaching courses and can design a course suited to your group needs.  To get the design I actually do a journey for the group and come up with suggestions for you based on what appears in the spiritual realm.  Some playful fun I have done in a group setting is channeling.  In this type of role I put myself in a trance and answer one question from each participant in the group, sometimes this can be a way of getting an experience with a Shaman and not necessary going for the whole deal.  I also am an experienced speaker and have talked to groups about the different teachings I have received.  My book offers a great resource of ideas of what can be done and expanded on in a topic session if you would rather have a written document to access and ponder.  


Teenagers and Children

I discount my services to teenagers and children by 25%.  The reason for this is because I want people to be encouraged to start young.  If I had half of what I know to do now as a teenager or an understanding of my intuitive abilities, I believe it would have saved me years of pain that was not necessary.  It is hard for parents sometimes to fully understand what there is child is going through and sometimes it is simply a matter of working with another outside of the family that helps shift the child.  I have worked with teenagers and each and every time they leave more confident and have a better understanding of who they are.  Teenage years are tough especially with all the brain chemistry changes that go on.  I believe that any assistance we can give them is of high value as it will multiply into our world as they grow into their path.



I love referrals because that means you have changed your life to the point you want to tell someone else.  I reward referrals with a copy of my book, so please let your friends know when they are contacting me you referred them.  Understandably, you may refer more than one and do not need 10 copies of my book!  In this case scenario I simply ask you what is a fair deal, you may like to have a discount next time you need work done, or maybe you want to know your power animal or medicine name.  Let me gift you my thank you as referrals help me and others expand.


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