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Truth & Trust

I am going to share a little secret with you all, I have had miracles happen in my life that I can only say, give proof there is something bigger than us energetically on this planet and I am still learning to trust!   Here is one example that truly one could not argue with,Continue Reading

Are You Feeling Blocked? Shamanic Teaching

To create something on Earth there is a formula.  Earth told me that the formula, Form + Form + Energy = a new creation.  If you are blocked then there needs to be a shift in the operating formula.  This can happen by altering your energy body.     In many cases I see a personContinue Reading

My Life Sucks – Where is God?

In the good times when life is flowing we sit back and we say thank you God.  But when life sucks and nothing feels good, we say, where is God and even go as far as to say screw Him!           Let me start off by clarifying, there is no God.  Continue Reading

Distraction during meditation

Have you ever tried to meditate and your mind just goes crazy with thoughts? Lets hear from 3 different Wisdom Keepers and their perspectives.   Farin – The Wisdom Keeper from Tandalyn says, “You need to practice over and over again, pay attention to the fog because on the other side is sunshine.  A pilotContinue Reading

What purpose does Earth serve

Question: What Purpose does Earth serve in the Universe? “You are the receiver of all of our ability to give.  Earth is designed to receive, it is the gathering of all energies. There is purpose in this.  The purpose is to receive and enrich your experience.  You are not in service to one another, youContinue Reading