The 8th Wisdom Keeper – Chronicles of Creation

Have you ever wondered how we came to be?  Are there beings living on other planets?  Who or what is God?  Why does this happen to me?  Why chaos occurs and its deeper meaning? 

Throughout this story these questions and many more are answered.  We get to meet other planetary beings known as a counsel of Wisdom Keepers and learn where they came from and why they are important.  Join our Wisdom Keeper, who represents Earth as she meets and introduces herself to the others.  She travels with each council member to their planet asking questions and getting insights. Each planet shares their wisdom to answer questions that human beings have been asking for centuries.  The information in this book has never before been revealed.  As you read this story you with begin to understand how everything works together and that nothing can be defined as bad, for it all is in service to each other.  As our past ancestors did, it is told as a story and the choice of whether you enjoy it as fact or fiction is left to the reader.  You will experience being a wisdom keeper and will find yourself in laughter, tears and wonder as you move along this guided adventure.  There are explanations for those weird experiences we all have but never talk about.  This inquisitive Shaman, living an everyday life on Earth humbly discloses it all, trusting that in knowing her truth you can open to yours.


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