How Does The Universe Serve Us?

How Does The Universe Serve Us?


A variety of questions were given to me at an event I attended.  Each Question will be listed and the answer follows.  Each answer is being given from the counsel of the Wisdom Keepers and not from me personally or as a Shaman.  This is more of a channeling to serve all as opposed to one on one work.  Some answers may seem a little off the topic, but trust me, there is a reason and we may not know.



Question:  How does the Universe Serve Us on this Journey Through Life?



Giving Guidance – Arc Angel Michael – Wisdom Keeper Eqay

Giving Life – Leema, Wisdom Keeper B’Nai

Creating Opportunities – Keeyla, Wisdom Keeper Creation

Taking Care of ourselves and our planet - Lord Metatron, Wisdom Keeper Keena

The Universe is a storage bank of information to be accessed – Duncan Beings, Wisdom Keepers Duncan

The universe creates the container for life – Erlang, Wisdom Keeper, P’Wata

The Universe is not and does not direct your life, you do – Kathleen, Wisdom Keeper Izshelong

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