Protecting Yourself

protectionA variety of questions were given to me at an event I attended.  Each Question will be listed and the answer follows.  Each answer is being given from the counsel of the Wisdom Keepers and not from me personally or as a Shaman.  This is more of a channeling to serve all as opposed to one on one work.  Some answers may seem a little off the topic, but trust me, there is a reason and we may not know.





Question:  How can highly sensitive people protect themselves from the ebbs and flows of passing energy?




Create Alchemy that works for the desired outcome.  Protection is simply an energetic state you create within yourself.  Simple make a choice.  Set an intention that none of the energies will affect you.  Surround yourself with energy vibrations that some on earth call domes, or auras.  Find a method that feels right to you, go within and ask your higher self voice.  Often dancing clears energy or a katas,  like in karate.  Chi Gong.  Singing.  Anything that creates the vibrational field or the illusion of one where you feel safe.


Deb – Wisdom Keeper, Earth & Kathleen, Wisdom Keeper Izshelong

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