What is Preventing me from Reaching Financial Abundance?



A variety of questions were given to me at an event I attended.  Each Question will be listed and the answer follows.  Each answer is being given from the counsel of the Wisdom Keepers and not from me personally or as a Shaman.  This is more of a channeling to serve all as opposed to one on one work.  Some answers may seem a little off the topic, but trust me, there is a reason and we may not know.


This person’s energy body was called into the Wisdom Keepers Meeting to be reviewed and accessed in answering the question.


Question:  What is Preventing me from reaching Financial Abundance?


On observation of the energy body there is no soul loss contributing - Deb, Wisdom Keeper from Earth


To rigid in the body – Kathleen, Wisdom Keeper from Izshelong


Asks but does not listen – Farin, Wisdom Keeper from Tandalyn


Belief it is a competition – not enough for all.  Resists the issue at hand and looks for financial abundance to heal it.  Henry, the crocodile, Wisdom Keeper from Merth


Focus on what brings joy, the free things.  As she heals others she needs to open to receiving back their gratitude, say thank you each time for this abundance of receiving in trade for what you give.  Do not put expectations or conditions on how this looks, simply find a way to recognize it, receive it, and thank it.  This will take time and learning, allow yourself the exploration, focus on one thing to bring into fruition, apply action towards it.  Keeyla, Wisdom Keeper of Creation

Shaman you need to do a teaching about energy loss in day
dreaming versus visualizing with action. – Keeyla

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