Why Do I have an Attachment to Viking Culture?

vikingA variety of questions were given to me at an event I attended.  Each Question will be listed and the answer follows.  Each answer is being given from the counsel of the Wisdom Keepers and not from me personally or as a Shaman.  This is more of a channeling to serve all as opposed to one on one work.  Some answers may seem a little off the topic, but trust me, there is a reason and we may not know.



Question: I am curious about my attachment/ interest/ attraction to the viking culture.  What is that about, in relation to me?


This person’s energy body was called in to the center of the Wisdom Keepers to be observed as a reference point.


Answers:  An Akashic Record overview was done by Arc Angel Raphael from Eqay.  The being is in flow with water.  Jobs about directing flow, teaching flow and movements are best.


Believe in what they represent, they are a symbol for you, a reminder. - Farin, Wisdom Keeper from Tandalyn


You are questioning the right and wrong of it as opposed to embracing it. The ideas of what a viking life looks like in your current life is worth pursuing.  Lord Metatron, Wisdom Keeper from Keena.


We see that she wants to know if in her past lives these energetics existed, justify her fascination.  Everything that has ever existed on Earth is housed in a human energy field.  A focus on this energy brings a sense of realness.  We do not see specific Viking energy in your current energy body as it exists in your physical form but we see Viking Energy in the energy field surrounding the 8th dimension on Earth.  You can create energy frequencies held by creations outside of you that are not of you.  An Alchemist can mix formulas to create a new formula and have it exist outside of them and not become it.  In other words, you can create a viking experience and not be of viking.  Or you can please your curiosity through study and experience to enhance your living experience in this life time.  Arc Angel Michael, Wisdom Keeper from Eqay.


You answer your own question best – Kathleen, Wisdom Keeper from Izshelong



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