Shamanic Journey – Putting an End to Blocks and Finding Clarity

single infinity symbolThis is a journey of someone who felt blocked in moving forward in their life.  Here is the message from her.  “I am following my dream of making art for a living but I am still not able to fully step into my power. I do feel like there is great power in me, but I cant seem to reach it. I still dont believe its possible for me to be truly happy and great. Can you help me figure out whats blocking me and how I overcome those blocks.”


Here is a debrief of what happened in her journey that I performed for her.


Chad – a seeker from the Planet Tandalyn appeared and shared his wisdom.  Tell a story through dance.  Her life story to the point of the part that tells her new path.  Feel the story as she dances.   No music.  The dance moves the emotions held within and lightens the body.  Do a soul retrieval and find the lost parts and bring them home so her dance can be strong.


Soul Retrieval – I journey with a hummingbird named Shirley.  She guides me to the lost parts and tells me how to collect them.  I will then return them to the energy body that I have called into the journey space.  While I am doing this, Chad is working with the energy body in developing a dance.


The first energy piece that I have found is a young girl of 5 years old.  She is facing a brick wall, trying to climb over it but can’t.  Frustrated but determined to the point of exhaustion in her efforts.  She keeps repeating, “can’t climb over it, why? Can’t stay here, I want to get out and away.”  I inform her that I know the way out and it is not over the brick wall.  I offer to take her home.  No, she replies, I do not want to go home.  I explain, not home as in your family, but home with you in your body.  She says she is afraid.  I tell her I know, but just as you need the other, the other needs you.  The person I know is lost without you.  She is older now and stronger and she has missed you.  You can come back if you do not like it but I don’t think you will not be happy, you will see sunshine again.  She climbs on my back and I fly her out of this dark place to her energy body.


When we reach the top, I allow her to see the beauty of my journey space.  I introduce her to the person, and explain that this is her but she is older now.  I show her the hole where she belongs, right there over her left hip.  “You mean I left a hole when I left?”  Yes “What happens to me now?”  When you touch that part of her you will mix with her which is also you too.  At first it will be scary but then you will feel love all over you and then you will be part of the older person and you can tell her all you know so she can know how to take care of you.  “Will she listen to me?”  Yes, she wants to have you and she needs you too.  The soul piece reaches out and soon is joined.


When I was gathering the first soul piece I heard other pieces call to me that also wanted to come back.  I am returning to the world where lost souls go and gather those pieces.  Again, Shirley is my guide.


The next piece I find is 15 years of age and she is very angry.  It is actually the anger that has called out as it is not happy in this dark place, but has been trapped.  I am guided to eat this piece so that she can nourish herself from me.  I want her to release the anger prior to returning the soul piece.


After this there is a 9 years old soul piece, who is very sad.  I negotiate with this soul piece even though she called to me.  I can take you to a place of happiness, I can help you feel happy.  You are all alone here and there are many more parts of you waiting for you.  I promise her it won’t hurt.  She willingly comes with me.  I am guided to breathe her into my lungs so that again she can release and process her sadness.


The last piece is 18 years old.  She wants to die, keeps cutting her body trying to hurt herself over and over.  She yells at me, “Stay away from me”  I reassure her, I am here to help.  “I don’t want your help”, was her response.  I start negotiating.  Hurting yourself is not going to stop the pain, let me hold you.  “No!”  There is a part of you that is older now, she wants to help you too, she needs you.  She wants to understand you but she needs you to come back and tell her your story.  You don’t have to stay, just please come and see.  “I will come and show you it won’t work”, she replies wanting to prove her point.  I say thank you and tell her to follow Shirley as she wants to lead the way.  Just think about following Shirley and you will fly.  She says she knows this and so we go.


Back in the journey space we are approaching the person who is in a dance with Chad.  She asks, “Is she dancing?”  Yes, she is beautiful and remember she is you too, I respond.  When you felt hurt and abandoned you left and locked yourself away but here is your chance to come back.  To learn and grow from each other.  You are as beautiful as her but neither of you are complete without each other.  “She doesn’t want me”, is her response.  Yes, she does want you just ask her.  The person tells her, you are my spunk, my fighter please come back to me.  They embrace and combine.


I go to the person and blow into her mouth to release the other soul part.  Each time a soul piece returns her aura changes in color.  I release the last soul piece from my interior and it quickly embraces her.  Her final aura glows green around her body with a hue of blue surrounding it.


The person has had a great time with Chad and I suggest she thank Chad.  I then guide the energy body, now fully complete back to her physical body.  I thank and dance with Chad prior to my exit.


Here are follow up emails from the person to inform me of how she is doing.  All my sessions have follow up coaching sessions to ensure the transition takes place.


“Hi Deb, I wanted to thank you so much for your work on my energy body monday. I feel very different. I honestly feel more complete. Some anger was triggered yesterday from something that wouldn’t usually trigger anger, but I knew where it was coming from so that understanding helped me to process it. I think the fear I had was that these hurting parts were coming back to me and I didn’t know if I would be able to handle it without spiraling out of control, but you nurtured them within you before sending them back. Thank you, I’m sure that must take a tole on you. My anxiety is noticeably lower than it usually is and I feel comfortable in my body. I want to treat it well.”


“Thank you Deb, so much. I definitely feel different. But in a very good way. I feel more in control of myself and more power to manifest the life I want. My anxiety is way down from where it was. I feel really really good. Your a incredible healer and I thank the universe for putting us at the same table!! My husband is in a very dark place, struggling with depression, I feel like I’m able to support him and reassure him yet not get pulled into it like before.”

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In love, Deb, The 8th Wisdom Keeper


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