Are You Feeling Blocked? Shamanic Teaching

ConfusedTo create something on Earth there is a formula.  Earth told me that the formula, Form + Form + Energy = a new creation.  If you are blocked then there needs to be a shift in the operating formula.  This can happen by altering your energy body.



In many cases I see a person wanting to move forward with something in their life but are just unable to do the work it requires.  Feeling frustrated at not understanding themselves they will seek guidance on what is blocking them.  Often, it will show up as a soul retrieval being required.


In life we have experiences which can cause trauma, it can be really simple like being stung by a bee, or it can be really major like abuse.  Soul loss can effect our ability to make decisions and the follow through in taking actions.   Inside us exists an energy body.  If a piece of that energy body decided it needed to leave and store itself in another place, our energy body becomes incomplete.  Shamans, when doing a soul retrieval will go and gather that piece of energy and bring it back to the energy body.  Once the energy body appears to be complete, the shaman returns the energy body back to the physical body.


When the energy body returns back to the physical body it will start a re-programming of the DNA.  This is how the operating formula gets changed.  Often the guides who assist the soul retrieval will advise the Shaman what needs to transpire in the human life so that the energy body stays in tact.


Here is an example of such a journey and the follow up.  Click here – Shamanic Journey – Finding Clarity

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